Why Dealers Lease With brite

Dealers want an easy way to deliver a great vehicle to any customer, regardless of their credit history. Adding a leasing option gives dealers the flexibility to deliver these cars with shorter terms and attractive payments. Dealers using our leasing program benefit from efficient funding, competitive advances and the opportunity to re-sell returning lease customers. Keep your customers happy and develop a reputation for offering great cars with shorter terms. Most importantly, keep your customers coming back to YOUR dealership! Learn more about our program benefits below.


Our advanced online system allows you to price a lease in seconds, and track the progress of that lease through the funding process.


Our competitive advance program (coupled with customer down payment) typically allows dealers to realize healthy profit at lease delivery.


Customers who lease are expected to return to the originating dealership at lease-end, meaning another sales opportunity for you.


CARite dealers can list vehicles on CARite.com. This allows customers and dealers to easily select and price the right lease for their needs.


Brite Financial and our supporting origination system is already integrated with several industry leading software providers.


Dealers enjoy fast funding with complete and accurate deal packages. Our team is here to support and serve you.

Shorter terms & longer drives

The full Brite leasing program is available in CARite-branded dealerships across the United States. Brite is now also available to some select non-CARite used car dealerships. Brite provides premium used car dealers with an effective, fair and competitive way to deliver more vehicles through a great leasing program.

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In 2014 , according to Edmunds.com, over 60% percent of auto loans were for terms over 5 years. With Brite our available terms are two to four years. In addition, customers taking delivery of their lease through CARite locations have options to exit their lease early in certain circumstances.