We built a system to help dealers easily approve customers for great leases on better cars. Our system, CARS, makes it easy for dealerships to approve customers regardless of their credit history. Dealers can easily structure lease terms to optimize profit while delivering a fair deal on a lower mileage late model car for customers with bad credit or even no credit. Our system offers several benefits, including:

easy approvals

Easily enter customer information online and secure an immediate credit decision, for any vehicle in inventory, using our system.

Flexible Deals

Dealers can easily structure leases to best fit their needs, and the needs of their customers. Dealers can optimize deals for terms, down payments, etc.

Inventory Management

Our system integrations allow you to easily import and update your vehicles. In addition, dealers participating in our related CARite business can benefit from online listings.

Integrated dashboard

Track leads, approvals, lease progress and more.  You can even analyze your inventory levels and readiness to deliver additional leases using our program.

Lead Management

Dealers can use our system to actively manage leads for subprime and near-prime customers. Another source of leads for your bad credit and no credit customer base.

Available Features

Dealers signed up with our related CARite business can avail of a host of additional features that can be used to drive profitability in your dealership.


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more than just a lending partner

Dealers want an easy way to deliver a great vehicle to their subprime and near-prime customers. Adding a leasing option gives dealers the flexibility to deliver these cars with shorter terms and attractive payments. Dealers using our leasing program benefit from efficient funding, competitive advances and the opportunity to re-sell returning lease customers. Keep your customers happy and develop a reputation for offering great cars with fair terms.


Our online training library provides in-depth training on how to present to customers, structure leases, use our system, and much more. The program is designed to help you and your dealership deliver a premium leasing experience for all of your subprime and near-prime customers.


Each participating dealer is assigned a Dealer Development Manager. This person is dedicated to helping you build a successful dealership through the use of our program.  They are also qualified to help you evaluate an expanded partnership with our related CARite business.