Lease A Better Car

Even With Bad Credit

We offer our used car leases through carefully selected car dealerships participating in our program. Brite is available in CARite branded dealerships across the United States. Visit any dealership participating in our program to get your fast approval. We approve based on information we receive from you, but also based on the value of the vehicle you select. The result? Competitive payments and shorter terms on great late model low mileage cars!

get approved

Why lease WITH brite?

1. worry-free

Approval is primarily based on the value of the vehicle you choose and your current ability to pay. So you don't need to worry much about any prior bumps in your credit history.

2. simply
better cars

Participating dealers only offer Brite leases on approved cars. Approved cars are typically late-model low mileage vehicles that have undergone a standard pre-sale inspection.


Certified cars at participating CARite dealers include a free vehicle history report and come with a 5 day return policy* . Visit our CARite participating dealer site to learn more!


Swap into a new Brite lease early at same dealership after two years (you have to be current on all payments). Affordable fee applies!* Additional terms and conditions may apply!

5. Low
Late Fees

We understand that late payments happen.  That's why we introduced a low-rate late fee for our customers. Ask any Brite representatives for details in your state.*

6. Future PRICE

We'll tell you now what the future value of your vehicle will be after your payments are complete, in writing!* You will have the option to purchase the car at the end of your lease term.

Shorter terms & longer drives

In 2014 , according to, over 60% percent of auto loans were for terms over 5 years. With Brite our available terms are two to four years. In addition, you have options to exit your lease early in certain circumstances.  In as little as two years you can be ready for your next car, hopefully with a credit score that has been improved thanks in part to your timely and consistent Brite lease payments! Finally, your Brite lease doesn't come with crazy mileage restrictions. Every Brite lease allows for 18,000 miles per year with options to buy additional miles if necessary!