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Get Approved, Regardless Of Your Credit History!

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even with less than perfect credit

With Brite, participating car dealers can approve you for a great lease on a late-model low mileage vehicle. Brite leases come with generous 18,000 mile limits and terms as low as 24 months. When leasing a car with Brite, customers also get a great opportunity to establish or re-establish their credit through on-time payments.

get approved!

Brite Financial allows customers to lease a great late-model low-mileage car, regardless of their credit history. Yes you CAN lease, even with bad credit or less than perfect credit! Visit a participating dealership in your area to learn more about how you can get approved today!


Approval is based on your profile AND the value of the vehicle you select at a participating dealer. Don't worry about prior credit bumps!

better cars

Forget about long-term loans on high mileage vehicles! Our leasing program works best on newer pre-owned vehicles with low miles.

Future PRICE

We'll tell you the 'future value' of your vehicle will be after your payments are complete, in writing!* You CAN buy at lease-end!

your credit report

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction (FACT) Act entitles you to a free credit report every 12 months from each of three major credit bureaus. Please note this report is provided by an independent third-party.

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Keys to credit!

Your credit score can impact your life in many ways.  Many finance institutions look at your credit history when considering if and how to extend credit to you.  When leasing a car with Brite, customers get a great opportunity to establish or re-establish their credit through on-time payments. There are a few simple keys to success with this in mind:

1. affordable!

It's always a good idea to start your lease with an affordable payment that you can comfortably pay consistently and on-time. A good start is half the battle!

2. on-time!

Not surprisingly, making on-time and complete payments can positively contribute to your credit score.  Brite offers easy options to pay!

3. thoughtful!

Budgets can often help identify unnecessary expenses. Taking control of your own budget can help keep you on top of all of your payment obligations.