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Leasing comes with responsibilities for you and for Brite. For our part, we will do our best to ensure you receive outstanding customer service throughout your lease. We simply ask that you stay on top of your payment obligations, you keep us informed, and that you maintain the vehicle as long as you drive it.

Oil Changes

Keep up with scheduled oil changes for your vehicle. You can use CARite service facilities if you like.

Engine Coolant

Make sure you keep this and all other fluids topped up in accordance with requirements.

Cosmetic Stuff

Make sure you keep the vehicle looking good. Excess wear and tear may lead to additional charges.

Other Maintenance

Tire repair or replacement, belt replacement, upholstery, etc. Learn about normal & excess wear here.

Keeping Up With Payments

We make it easy to pay online or over the phone.
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Insurance & Contact Info

Maintain insurance coverage for your car and notify us of any phone, address or email change.

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our service partners

Brite Financial partners with many CARite dealership locations. CARite also offers outstanding service capabilities to Brite customers so you can feel confident maintaining your car. Visit the CARite website to learn more!