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plan ahead

4 GREAT options!

1. Purchase The Car

You may purchase the vehicle at the end of your lease by paying the residual balance.

If you choose to purchase the vehicle, there is a purchase fee added to the residual cost and your security deposit will be subtracted.

2. GET Another Car

Pay off your lease and get another vehicle from your neighborhood CARite location!  If no over-mileage or damage, you may use the same security deposit for your new vehicle.   Other fees may apply depending on the  vehicle you choose.

3. SIMPLY Walk Away

If you want to just turn in the car and walk away, a $450 disposition fee is subtracted from your  security deposit.  Mileage & damage is assessed at turn-in.  All lease balances are then due at turn-in.  With normal wear, the remainder of your security deposit can be refunded.  Remember to notify Brite before you turn in your car!

4. Extend Your lease

Brite now offers the option to allow customers to extend their Lease for up to 6 months. Please call (888) 366-7205 option 3 for more information.

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The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction (FACT) Act entitles you to a free credit report every 12 months from each of three major credit bureaus. Please note this report is provided by an independent third-party.

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planning your turn-in

120 Days Prior

Your closed-end vehicle lease agreement with Brite Financial is set to expire soon.  We hope you have enjoyed your vehicle!  At this
stage verify your turn-in date with a Brite representative.

90 Days Prior

Contact your Brite representative for a payoff quote and information on the potential purchase of your vehicle.  Please review your vehicle for wear, mileage and use.

30 Days Prior

Schedule your inspection. Your
lease agreement advises of possible charges for excess mileage and  costs to restore the vehicle to wholesale value in the event of damage or neglect.

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Paid up To Date!

Make sure your account is fully paid up to date with no issues outstanding. Call Brite if you have any questions on this.

Car In Good Shape!

Make sure your car is in good condition with personal items removed and maintenance records available.

Keys & Forms ready!

Provide all Keys and key-less entry remotes. Complete Vehicle turn in receipt and Federal Odometer Statement.  

Turned In On-Time!

Please note that you will be billed additional payments if the vehicle is not returned by your scheduled maturity date.

Please note that you can purchase the vehicle outright at any time. You may end your lease at any time. If you choose to end your lease, your closed-end vehicle lease agreement requires you to: Pay the balance at that time, pay any over-mileage fees, and pay for any excess wear and tear.  A final inspection will be done and you will receive a final invoice.  Your lease agreement outlines possible charges in the event of excess mileage and costs to restore the wholesale value of the vehicle in the event of damage or neglect.  By identifying these turn-in costs early you allow for the opportunity to make decisions that could save you money.

Normal wear

Body & Frame

Individual occurrences of damage 2" or less in diameter with the exception of hail damage and punctures.
Individual occurrences of  damage over 2" in diameter if they can be repaired for $100 or less.  Scratches that can be buffed out during reconditioning.

Interior, Wheels & Alterations

Interior: Burns, stains, cuts, tears and singed areas 1/2" or less in diameter. Any  removable stain.

Wheels: Tire tread depth of 1/8" or more at the shallowest point. Tires must match manufacturer's guidelines. Scuffs or minor nicks to wheels or wheel covers.

Everything Else

Windshield & Glass: Damage 1/2" or less in diameter.

Lights & Signals: Cracks 2" or less in diameter.  That's It!  Anything else is typically considered excess - See table below for more information.


Body & Frame

Individual occurrences of body, bumpers and molding damage larger than 2" in diameter that cannot be repaired for $100 or less, or any puncture.  

Exterior missing or broken parts (regardless of cost). Visible sand/grinding marks, rough texture, excessive over-spray or bad color match larger than 2" in diameter.

All damage that reduces re-marketability or impairs vehicle appearance.

All damage or poor repair of damage that affects the vehicle's structural integrity.

Interior, Wheels & Alterations

Interior: Burns, stains, cuts, tears and singed areas greater than 1/2" in diameter.

Wheels: Tread depth of less than 1/8" at the shallowest point. Gouges, cuts, sidewall plugs or tires in a condition affecting passenger safety. Broken, cracked, bent or mismatched wheels.

Alterations: Any modification, including, but not limited to, suspension modifications, changing vehicle color or non-factory paint schemes, lettering or graphics, holes in frame, post-delivery customizing, engine adaptations, fuel system adaptations, tinted or engraved glass.

Everything Else

Windshield & Glass : Damage greater than 1/2" in diameter or any hole. Lights & Signals: Cracks greater than 2" in length or any  hole.

Mechanical & Electrical: Non-operational or malfunctioning equipment. Substandard or incomplete repair. Any replacement part that does not meet manufacturer's specifications. Vehicle system failures that result from not adhering to manufacturer's maintenance requirements.

Missing:  Any missing equipment or broken parts (includes navigation system DVDs, DVD player headphones, DVD remote  control, convertible boot, key-less entry remote, etc.). Any replacement part that does not meet manufacturer's specifications of equal quality and design.