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how do i contact brite?

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How do I update my address or phone number with Brite?

Email with any changes in address, phone number, email address or employer. This will ensure we can contact you in a timely manner and that you will receive any notifications we may send out.

Does Brite have an email address For general questions?

How can I leave feedback about Brite Financial?

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who should I contact if I have a Mechanical issue with my vehicle?

Contact the CARite dealership where you leased the vehicle if there is a mechanical issue.

How do I request a payoff quote?

Contact Brite At 248-565-3000 Extension 4 to receive a payoff quote.

Why Won't my car start?

If you are past due on your payment, it’s possible the vehicle was temporarily disabled because of the past due balance. Contact Brite to verify this. If the vehicle was not disabled, contact CARite to have the vehicle brought to their nearest location for further inspection.

Can I refinance my car? 

Refinancing With Your Bank Or Credit Union Can Be Done At Any Time With No Early Payment Penalty Fees.

Am I able to move out of the state with the vehicle?

Per your lease agreement, you may not take the vehicle out of the state where you leased it for more than 30 days. Exceptions may be made if you move to a state where there is a CARite dealership.

What is my interest rate?

There is no interest paid in your lease. Instead, you pay rent charges which is a daily amount added to your account. To find out the exact amount, contact Brite at 248-565-3000 extension 4.

The online site and/or automated phone number doesn’t recognize my information, what do I do?

Contact Brite at 248-565-3000 extension 4 to verify that we have the correct information for
you. If not, your information will be updated properly by a Brite representative.

Do I have a warranty or service contract?

See page 2, section 4 of your lease to see if you have a service contract.

Am I allowed to add anything to the vehicle, such as a new radio, rims or paint the vehicle?

Any Additional Add-Ons To The Vehicle Must Be Approved By Brite. Call 248-565-3000 Extension 4 To See If You’re Able To Add Equipment To The Vehicle.

Why don’t I have the title to my vehicle?

Since The Vehicle Is A Lease, Brite Financial Holds The Physical Title To The Vehicle Unless The Vehicle Is Paid Off.


How can I make a payment to Brite Financial?

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How do I sign up for online payments?

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What information do I need to make a payment through MoneyGram?

Brite’s Receiver Code Is 4474, And Your Account Number Is The Last 6 Digits Of Your VIN. You Can Also Use Your Stock Number As  the MoneyGram Account Number.

What if I can’t make my payment the day it’s due?

You May Contact Brite To See If You’re Eligible For A Payment Extension.

When I make a payment, where is my money applied to?

Sales Tax, Any Late Fees Or NSF Fees, Rent Charges And The Lease Balance.

What does the balance on my Payment receipt reflect?

The Balance Shown On Your Receipt Is The Outstanding Lease Balance. This Does Not Include Sales Tax Or Rent Charges. If You Want To Know The Entire Amount To Pay Off Your Lease, Contact A Brite Representative.

I lost my paperwork, how can I get a copy of my contract?

Contact Brite at 248-565-3000 extension 4 to receive a copy of your contract. 

How can I lower my payments?

It Maybe Possible To Lower Your Payments
By Refinancing The Vehicle With A Bank Or Credit Union.

Can I pay additional payments to my Lease balance? 

Yes, Anything Over Your Regular Payment Made Will Be Allocated First Toward Sales Tax, Then Toward The Remaining Lease Balance.

Can I pay for my over mileage before my lease is over?

Yes. Contact Brite At 248-565-3000 Extension 4 And Inform A Representative That You’d Like To Make A Payment Toward Your Overage.

How do I view my payment history? 

You Can View Your Payment History By Logging Onto Your Online Account. If You Don’t Have An Online Account, Signing Up Is Easy! Just Visit this link

Can I change my due dates?

You may change your due dates and/or how often your payments are due if you are current on your payments and have documentation that you get paid differently than how your payments are currently due.

What is my down payment applied to?

See your contract titled ‘Closed End Vehicle Lease Agreement’ and see page 1 for the breakdown of your down payment.

How much is my late fee?

See page 2, section 6 of your contract . 

How much am I going to pay throughout my lease?

See Page 1, Section D Of Your Lease
Titled ‘Total Of Payments’.

Can any cosigners be removed?

It Is Not Possible To Remove Any Of
The Lessees On The Contract.

How long is my lease?

Our Leases Typically Range From 24-48 months. See Page 1, Section B Of Your Lease Titled ‘Periodic Payments’.

What day does my lease expire?

See Page 1, Section 1 Of Your Lease Titled ‘Agreement To Lease’

What day does my lease expire?

See Page 1, Section 1 Of Your Lease Titled ‘Agreement To Lease’

How many miles am I allowed on the lease?

Typical Brite Leases Allow 18,000 Miles Per Year. This Breaks Down To 50 Miles Per Day. See Page 1, Section I. Of Your Lease Titled ‘Excessive Wear And Use’.

What is the cost per mile that I go over?

Typically 15 cents per mile. See page 1, section I. of your lease titled ‘Excessive Wear and Use’.

When do I receive a late fee?

When the unpaid payment becomes 10 days past due.

autopay & credit reporting FAQ

We know that your credit score is important to you. Having a good credit score can help you to qualify for financing needed to buy a car, home and other high value items.  We want to help all of our customers to improve their credit score.Brite Financial Services reports credit information to all three major credit bureau agencies (Experian, Equifax and Transunion).  Though we submit information to the bureaus each month, the bureaus have 30 days from the time they receive our data to update a consumer’s credit report. If you believe that there is an error or omission in the information that we have reported about your Brite Financial account, you can submit a dispute to: 1. The consumer reporting agency that provided you with a report, OR 2. Brite Financial ServicesTo submit a dispute with the reporting credit agencies, please go to the applicable link below.


P.O. Box 4500
Allen, TX 75013


P.O. Box 740256
Atlanta, GA 30348


P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19016

How do I sign up for auto pay?

Click on 'Make Payment' and view the link under ‘Set Up Recurring Payments’ to download the necessary form. Completed and signed Auto Pay Forms Can Be Emailed To Or Faxed To 248-655-7691. After Sending Please Call Brite At 248-565-3000 And Press 4 For Customer Service To Verify Your Auto Pay Form Was Received.

How do I cancel auto pay? 

Submit A Cancellation Statement Through Email Or Fax. You Can Get A Cancellation Statement By Calling Brite At 248-565-3000 And Press 4 For Customer Service. Auto Pay May Take Up To 10 Days To Cancel.

If my automatic payment doesn’t go through, does Brite charge me a fee?

If The Payment Comes Directly Out Of Your Checking Or Savings Account, There Will Be A
$15 NSF Fee If The Payment Is Rejected By Your Bank. However, If You Have Auto Pay Set Up With A Credit Or Debit Card, There Is No Fee Charged If A Payment Declines.

What time will you deduct my automatic payment?

Automatic Payments Are Usually Deducted Between 12am And 6am.

Why didn’t my automatic payment go through?

Contact Your Bank To Inquire Why Your Payment Didn’t Go Through.

If my automatic payment doesn’t go through, how else can I make my payment?

Click here to view Payment Options.

If I have automatic payments and I make a payment early, will Brite still try to take the automatic payment?

Yes, Your Auto Pay Will Remain In Effect Unless You Submit A Cancellation Statement To Brite.

How much time does it take to cancel an automatic payment?

Up To 10 Days.

Which bureaus Are reported to?

We Report To All 3 Credit Bureaus; Experian, Equifax And Transunion.

How often do you report on my credit?

Every 30 Days.

If my automatic payment doesn’t go through, do you try to take it again?

No. The Automatic Payment System Only Attempts To Take The Payment One Time.

Why does my credit report say my lease is still open when I paid off my car last month?

Credit Bureaus Can Take Up To 90 Days To Reflect Any Changes In Your Account.

Why is my credit report wrong?

Not All Credit Check Sources And Completely Reliable. Visit To View Your True Credit Report. If You Still Believe Information Is Inaccurate, Contact Brite At 248-565-3000 or complete this form.

Why does my credit report say I owe a higher amount than what’s left on my lease balance?

The Balance On Your Credit Report Includes All Payments You Are Scheduled To Make, Including Rent Charges And The Lease Balance.

Insurance FAQ

How does force placed insurance work?

The Monthly Amount Is Typically Up To $150. If Your Vehicle Is Totaled Or In An Accident, You’re Responsible For A $1,000 Deductible. Other Charges May Apply. However, This Only Covers The Vehicle, You Are Still Required To Maintain Separate Liability Insurance.

What are the requirements for my full coverage insurance?

Your Comprehensive And Collision Deductibles Must Be $1,500 Or Less, And Brite Financial Must Be Listed As The Lienholder / loss payee.

What do I do if my car is stolen? 

File A Stolen Vehicle Report With The City In Which The Vehicle Was Stolen, And Contact Brite To Begin To Locate The Vehicle. If The Vehicle Is Not Recovered, File A Claim With Your Insurance Company.

Should I notify Brite Financial if I switch insurance companies?

Yes, Brite should be notified of any changes to insurance. Send proof of insurance to or fax to 248-655-7691. After sending, please contact Brite at 248-565-3000 extension 4 to verify your
insurance was received.

How do I get a copy of my force placed insurance?

Call 913-433-7030

What is the phone number for CPI/ Great American Insurance (force placed insurance) for general questions?

Call 888-277-5270

lease end, exchanges, repossession FAQ

What are my options at the end of my lease?

You may exchange your current vehicle for a new vehicle, turn in the vehicle and walk away, or you can purchase your current vehicle. If you don’t have the full purchase amount, contact Carite to see if you’re eligible to

How do I purchase my vehicle at the end of my lease?

Contact Brite at 248-565-3000 to pay off your vehicle. The amount to purchase your vehicle is the residual value in your contract, plus a purchase fee, minus your security deposit. 

What do I need to do in order to exchange my vehicle before my lease is over?

Your current lease needs to be active for at least 2 years. At that time, you must be current with all payments. You can then visit the originating dealership to review options for an early exchange. Typically the dealership will ensure that any excess wear and mileage is paid for prior to offering a new lease option.

If my vehicle has been repossessed, how many days to I have to get the vehicle back?

15 Days From The Date Of Repossession.

If my vehicle has been repossessed, how long will you store my personal belongings that were in the vehicle?

30 Days From The Date Of Repossession.

Is there a pre-payment penalty for purchasing my vehicle early?

Purchasing The Vehicle Early Will Save You Money On Rent Charges, And There Is No Fee For Purchasing The Vehicle Before The Lease Is Over.

If I complete my lease and turn in the vehicle, how much of my security deposit do I get back?

A $450 Disposition Fee Comes Out Of Your Security Deposit And You’ll Get The Remaining Security Deposit Back As Long As There Is No
Damage Or Over Mileage To The Vehicle, Any Past Due Amounts Or Other Outstanding Fees Owed.

What happens to my original security deposit when I exchange my vehicle?

Your Original Security Deposit Can Transfer Over To Your New Lease.

Can I defer a payment until the end of my lease?

We are unable to defer any lease payments to the end of the lease.

How much money do I have to put down when I exchange my vehicle?

There Is A $450 Exchange Fee. Additional Amounts Required Vary Based On The Vehicle You Choose.

What kind of damage would I be responsible for when I turn in my vehicle?

Body or mechanical damage that exceeds normal wear and tear. For further details, visit this link to see the specifics.

I recently paid off my vehicle, when do I receive my title?

Contact Brite to give the mileage on the vehicle and your mailing address. After doing
this, your title should arrive within 5 business days.

I recently paid off my vehicle, how do I get the GPS tracking system removed from the vehicle?

Schedule An Appointment With Any CARite Dealership. The GPS Will Be Removed Free Of Charge.

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